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Monday, March 11, 2013

Little Fishy...well not quite yet!

Two blog posts in the same, am I getting better or what?!
Toby FINALLY had a weekend off!! Around here, a full weekend off feels like a, I'm completely serious! It's SO nice to actually get the chance to spend time together.  There are so many things we want to do, it's hard to choose between "things that 'need' to be done" or "have fun"...this particular weekend, we chose "HAVE FUN"! 
However, Toby DID finally take the trash out...that was a "thing that NEEDS to be done" no matter what!
Saturday, we spent the day eating with our friends at The Boat House in Forest was nice enough to sit on the deck & Riley had her first experience with a public high-chair (which resulted in screams heard across the park...but the third time was a charm after eating some peas on mommy's lap first).  After a late lunch, we decided to take a walk with The Strutts' & their 10.5 month old little girl...why we took no pictures of all this, I don't know.  We don't have much time left with them as they're moving to Minnesota in June for Jon to start his fellowship in Pediatric Emergency Medicine. :(
Sunday, well, Sunday...we kind of missed our alarms & slept in....BIG 'til 11:30 big time! Yeah, we totally missed church.  Toby had such a sleep debt from the last 3 weeks, he most certainly needed the extra snoozing...& I guess for some reason, I did too.  ;)
We decided to extend our "have fun" mentality & took Ry for a dip in the indoor pool at our YMCA.
Not sure what she really thought, but she didn't scream, so that was a plus.  I think she was just taking it all in...watching all the big kids play & dreaming of one day doing the same. ;)
Here she is...

Pre-pool Baby

First Dip

A little bit more...

Standing on Daddy's toes

Dip w/ Mommy...

Pool cuddles

Some people have that "natural beauty" thing going on, but I most certainly don't.
Please excuse my appearance (no shower, post work-out)

Watching the big kids


Well, this lasted all of about 10 minutes & then we got bored.
So, we decided to have take advantage of being there & took a dip in the hot tub while we both took turns holding Ry.  :)
Yes, what a lovely weekend!

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