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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Third trimester catch up...

Well, it's been awhile since we've posted & a lot has happened in the last several weeks. 

After a weekend back home celebrating baby showers with friends & family in early June...

we had an amazing 12 day vacation in Florida.

And man, did we need a vacation AFTER our vacation!!

The day after our return, Toby decided to use one of his last free days to go mountain biking....& this is what happened.

Yes, a TON of work needed to be done on the house & now he's in a cast for at least 6 weeks & down to one arm.

Thankfully, his mom was coming in to town a few days later & with the help of friends, we were able to manage switching the guest bedroom & Riley's she will have a little space to play (when she's older of course).

The day after Toby's mom left, our car got broken into...

So, there we were...broken wrist, broken window, 100 degree weather & 30 wks pregnant...lovely combination!

A few days after this, my sister arrived in town who also help us a TON on the house.  Organized our basement & switched out our tiny closets to give Riley some room.  You can now find a little bit of my clothes, Toby's clothes & all of our shoes in every room of the house...including our basement.  Oh, how you have to love these 1920's homes.

So, not until this past week have our lives began to get back to normal.  I've worked hard on her room & while it's not done yet, it's definitely getting there & she at least has a sheet on her crib!

There was a major jump in size from 26 to 32 you can see!

At my 32 week appointment I had gained a total of 28 lbs (EEEK!!)....& I can definitely feel every bit of it!!  I have resorted to sleeping sitting up (Toby created a recliner out of pillows for our bed) & I most certainly have cankles on most days (so not flattering!).  Oh, & I under-estimate my size ALL the time.  I almost tipped over our 2-top table at Panera because I didn't scoot the chair back far enough.  I apparently thought I was still my "old size" & when I went to sit down, my belly hit the table (hard) & almost sent our drinks flying. As you can imagine, Toby thought it was hysterical. 

This round of cravings have included: Hunt's chocolate pudding snack packs (I eat at least 1-2 every day), Sea Salt & Vinegar chips & watermelon (at least that one isn't bad for me).

Honestly, I can't believe we're already this far...while the beginning went by slow, thinking back, I feel like it was yesterday that we found out we were finally pregnant.  We are getting more & more excited everyday & just can't wait to meet her!!  It's incredible how much you can love someone so much without even meeting them!!

Stay tuned for pics of the nursery...