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Friday, June 7, 2013

Quarterly Blogger...oh well.

So, I guess I'm just a quarterly blogger....you're probably thinking, "what's the point?"  Actually, you're probably not thinking that because there probably aren't any 'you're's' even reading this....just me & the screen...Oh well.
I guess the point is to at least keep track of a few things that I'm sure I will forget in no time.
I feel like it already has gone by so fast & here, today, June 7th, I can't believe Riley is 9 months.  9 months of breastfeeding, 9 months of dirty diapers, 9 months of developmental milestones, 9 months of cuddles, snuggles, giggles, smiles & extreme cuteness....9 months of pure joy...pure & absolute joy.

6 Months

7 Months

8 Months

9 Months
So, what have we been up to if I haven't been blogging?  Well, let's see...we went back to Oklahoma for 2 weeks, I try & keep up with Riley & all house chores while Toby works 80-100+ hours/week, I've been back in the grind of working out & enjoying the...top 20 things I don't want to forget. Here they are...in no particular order:
  1. How she feels & scratches everything with her one little pointer finger
  2. Her first tooth popped up at 7 months & the second bottom popped up shortly after (still waiting on those top ones)
  3. Her high pitched squeals & screams when daddy comes home
  4. How she absolutely loves bath time & gets excited when she hears the water running
  5. How she still prefers to 'army crawl' on her belly rather than on her knees (I think it has something to do with the hardwood floors).  She can crawl to mommy from across the room in a few seconds flat though....looks like a fast little lizard.
  6. Her little smirks....melt my heart
  7. How cute she looks when drinking from a big kid straw sippy cup
  8. How she cries THE second I walk out of the room (yes, it IS a little annoying right now, but I'm sure one day I'll wish she still wanted me around ALL the time).
  9. How she bounces & bobs her head every time she hears some music
  10. How at 7 months she started turning pages in her books & LOVES reading
  11. How we get compliments all the time at stores about how cute she is & how good she is (I'll keep this in my back pocket for the terrible two's)
  12. How she loves climbing in out & out of mommy & daddy's laps
  13. How cute she is while sleeping...rump as high in the air as it could possibly go
  14. How she puts everything in her mouth BUT food...I think we're making progress though
  15. How she rubs Mrs. Tiggle-winkle's "small, squidgy nose" in her Peter Rabbit book
  16. How she tries to stand up from a frog position completely on her own...not pulling up on anything
  17. How she had her first bloody, busted lip & bruised cheek from above mentioned #16
  18. How everything is "dada, dada, dada"...however, we do think she's saying it on purpose directly at "dada" now.
  19. How she gives the best slobbery kisses ever
  20. How she crinkles her nose & flaps her arms slapping her belly when she's mad or frustrated (i.e. throwing a fit)
So, basically enjoying life instead of writing much about it...yes, I guess so!  I mean, don't get me wrong...not every day is 'peachy'.

Toby works what seems like ALL.THE.TIME, so I basically have no relief...which I really don't mind...except that she's been sick like every other week (so it seems to me) from 4 months on. I thought breastfed babies weren't supposed to get as sick as often?!?! And, sickness equals late night wakings & feedings & one tired mommy!! 
We also went & visited Nancy Birkenmeier, a sleep specialist at St. Luke's hospital & she developed a plan to get Riley back sleeping through the night.  It was basically a glorified cry it out session that we keep having to re-do after every time she gets over a virus.  But hey, it works!!  Once we get her back on track, she sleeps about 10.5-11 hrs/night which feels like a dream. But man, those cry it out nights are the worst ever...I H.A.T.E. IT!!  We've had too many of our fair share....you would think after doing it so many times, she would give in sooner...but nope, she is so resilient with her crying!
Right now, we are SO looking forward to a Florida vacation...couldn't be more excited just to spend some R&R with the hubby & NO work...I'm sure he'll still have some dictations, or notes, or reading to do but at least he won't have to go to the hospital.  Does his learning ever end?!  I'm beginning to comes to grips with the answer.
And July 1 marks the beginning of his second year of fellowship.  We've 'heard' this year is supposed to be a bit better (I sure as heck hope so because this last year has, well, sucked in terms of hours worked).  Riley & I are hoping to have him home for dinner a bit more often, more than a couple days off in a month would be nice, & not so much 'homework' would be fabulous.  But, I'm not crossing my fingers.  3 more years, 3 more years of training...we can do it, we can do it. Yes, I most certainly say "we"!

9 month squeal

Loves those books!

Favorite scrunch face

Sun bathing beauty


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