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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

TuTu Cute at Two Months
I figured since Riley's 3 month mark is fast approaching (December 7th), I'd give a rundown of month 2.
First of all, Toby was on an "easier" Cardiology rotation the first 2 weeks of November (Electrophysiology) & can I just say how nice it is to have your husband home for dinner...I mean seriously awesome!!!  Working 7:30 am - 5:30 or 6 pm is MUCH better than his usual 14 or 15 hour days.  It was a much needed change of pace from the previous few weeks.  However, we're back to night shifts this week.  :(
While Toby was working a bit less & had 2 FULL weekends off in a row (unheard of), Riley & I took advantage of much needed Toby/Daddy time.  The first Saturday he was off, we ventured to The Loop for some lunch & had our first experience with Bubble Tea (NOT a fan of Tapioca balls by the way!).  Then, with so much time on our hands, we decided to visit the Missouri History Museum in Forest Park.  We learned all about women's fashion through the centuries (kind of a random exhibit I thought, but nonetheless, interesting....& definitely made me reminisce about my History of Apparel class back in college) & they had a huge exhibit on the 1904 World's Fair...St. Louis' Forest Park was completely transformed for the one of largest World's Fair in history.  Did you know, it has been claimed that Peanut Butter, Dr. Pepper, the hot dog, the hamburger, waffle cones, & cotton candy were first introduced at the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis?!  Who woulda thought....
Riley & Daddy at History Museum looking out at Forest Park

Anyway, the next weekend Toby had off, his parents came in for a visit.  We went to the park on Saturday & while the guys played a round of Frisbee Golf, Toby's mom & I took Riley for a was a beautiful day to be outside.  They watched her that evening while we went....wait for it...our first date by ourselves since Riley entered the world!  :)  We only went out for a couple of hours to dinner at our favorite little Thai restaurant in downtown (Sen Thai), but it was nice just to get out.  I was a little worried about Riley taking a bottle from Grandma....but she did (however, has not done well since).
First Date since baby...
Her 8 week Dr. appointment on 11/02/12 proved for her to be right on track:
Height: 22.7 in (68th percentile)
Weight: 11 lbs 4 oz (53th percentile)
Head Circumference: 14.7 in (16th percentile)
So, basically, she has a small head (but I'm sure not lacking any smarts) & about average on height & weight....she's looking pretty healthy. 
But don't take my word for it...

Mommy Lessons learned this month:
  • 1.  Don't put your child in the baby Ergo immediately after they eat, march around the house to "test it out", put them in the car seat & tightly strap them in, pull them out of the car seat once at destination to then place them once again into the baby Ergo.  Because....THIS HAPPENS!
  • 2.  If your baby does not take a pacifier, don't wait until after 2 months old to introduce a bottle....because, they will act as if they have NO clue what to do with a rubber nipple!
  • 3.  While breastfeeding during church, be sure the baby doesn't get a diaper wedgie while you're trying to get them situated....because, you could have them pee all over themselves & you during the middle of the sermon.  Lucky for us, our church has speakers in the bathroom!
  • 4.  Make sure you have Baby Tylenol on hand BEFORE their 2 month shots....otherwise, when their leg starts to swell & gets red hot, it's not fun to load up a screaming baby in the car, run to Wal-Green's by yourself & patiently wait for the pharmacist to tell you the new dosage requirements for infants!
  • 5.  As for sleeping, well I have no lessons learned yet.  Let's just say...we're STILL learning!!
And just for the fun of it...this is how Toby likes to spend time with Riley!

Spa Baby

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